Saturday, November 29, 2008

03The Confused Mind

OK! Just changed my mind..
I think I'm gonna write this blog entries using English instead of Malay~
Well, I just want to increase my vocabs since I was kind off bad in English.
Wait~ I think I am not that good in Malay either.
Let's say.. erm.. If I write this blog in English,
there will be lots more people who can understand.
I also can open up a new blog in Malay right?
Alright, It's English then~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

02The Happiness

Tadi buat short quiz tentang We Got Married...
Ain dapat lettuce couple..
Sangat best sebab suke gila Hyun Joong dan Hwang Bo dalam tuh!!!!!
*Takde idea hari nih*
-just wanna share something jew-
siapa2 yang minat WGM, boleh la klik kat sni

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