Tuesday, May 26, 2009

012The Fadin' Memories

We never notice that, as time passes by, we also grow older day by day.
All that we know is rushing here and there with
the fear that we would never going to make it on time.
And we misses the time that slowly passing by.
It gradually passes on and we are not able to realize that maybe...
that losing time will be the only time to be together
with friends and family or just to have fun.
And when we're getting more busy with our new daily routines,
when we are all older and are not possible to have fun like ol' times..
or that maybe we're getting more distracted with othert hings to be fulfill,
what we might learn is,
'Ah, if only I could make the time for us to spend together instead of doing this and that'
... that is not actually give us the same excitement,
happiness and the best memories to keep forever.'
We might regret it and everything that we need the most at that time
...is probably the 'time'...
For me, it just felt like yesterday that I was in Standard 6..
and it was just yesterday that we were fighting for who will win the Football World Cup.
And it feels like just yesterday we were practising for quoir~
And now, all my friends were all scattering in all different places and that we are not practically able to meet casually like always.
I miss the old times~

Monday, May 18, 2009

011 Inside me~

What I want the most now is a laptop along with brodband and a bed~
Truthfully, I don't really feel like goint to the fac today,
but here I am, in the computer lab, in the fac,
waiting until 10 a.m to buy something to eat...
Really hungry! ^^"
Btw, I was at home for a few days ago and it feels like heaven to me.
I really dont' want to go back to UiTM.
I don't have the mood to study to be exact~
But still, I have to wait until the 3rd of June to pack and go back home~
I just listened to the new song by Suju tittled It's You.
The song has some ballad feeling and the dance...
Gosh~ Super hot!
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