Sunday, January 17, 2010

038 MyFOM@Olympic 2010

Yay! Orange team won!!!

mse nak tarik tali. serius tatau nak belit mcm mne.
Diorg sume soh belit.
"Ain, belit kat badan. Ain, belit ain! kat bahu.."
my position pon tatau ape nme tyme tu.

traditional game. Tarik Upih.
Love their pose right then.

abg tu klaka je.. hehe~

as a reward for them giving me a cup of water~
Abu n Duwe...
thanks a lot.
Haus gile tyme tu.

with Dr. Justin and his daughter.
She was kinda cute~ (I was talking about myself here...=P)

Dr. Gupalo sdg bermati-matian berlatih dgn Hafiz.
Also not included here, (at the other side of the court) Dr Igor.
tpi muke hafiz tak nmpak. sowi la wey.

Orange team!! yay!
pnat kot gunting daun2 tu.
but it's fun!

tyme tgk volleyball (male)
They won but we only took picture of ourselves.

Meja Biro pendaftaran~ Best la korang...

On 16th, we were having MyFOM@Olympics
which includes all the ppl in the FOM.
Including staff, n lecturers, students, abg lab, kakak lab, Sg.Buloh n Selayang students,
almost everyone came...
exaggerating je..
anyway, even the Dean came.
I was involved in the tarik tali competition.
I was the tanker, or was it anchor?
attacker ke?
adeyh.. whatever it is, I was the last person.
They said the last one is very important which will determine wether we will win or not.
But i guess that is why we lost. Because of me.
Haha. No hard feeling but I was quite disappointed with myself.
However, the Orange team (Ar-Razi house, which is my team...) won the overall competition.
ketawe mcm ShinChan kejap..
I was at the Biro Pendataran so we came early.
Like 7 o'clock or something, I was already there.
Bersemangat gile nak tarik tali..

And yesterday, my parents came to visit.
Before, I promised them to buy a watch for both of them.
So yeasterday, I did.
A Guess watch for my mom.
A J.Bouvier watch for my dad.
They chose it themselves.
I also bought myself a Guess watch.
Don't ask the prices please.
Anyway, I was so content later that day that I can't keep myself from smiling.
I ended up smiling all the way back to the hotel.

PBL belum siap!!!
*Sengal la kau ain.*

p/s: presentation for BEL, decided to do something
positive about Hitler.
Yes, the everyone-says-that-he-is-evil man, Adolf Hitler.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

037 Kito Aya, 1 litre of tears. I cried too.

Kito Aya (July 1962 - May 23, 1988) was a bright cheerful girl. She wrote a diary about her life before she went to eternal sleep at the age of 26 years old. She was diagnosed to have spinocerebellar degeneration disease when she was 15. Since then she wrote a diary, 1 Litre of Tears, about her thoughts about life and the progression of her disease and her strength to live on until she was dead. The disease which have no cure at that time and until now causes a person to lose the ability to walk and talk, generally the person affected will not be able to control over their own body.

She was strong in accepting the reality of her disease. Her diary touches people all over the world and was sold to millions of copies. It was also made into a drama which I cried tonnes of tears when I saw it. FYI, I rarely cried 'wholeheartedly' when watching dramas or movies. But this is different. Her thoughts moved me. Her strength motivate me. I want to become just like that person and live on. Why sometimes we think that our lives was so miserable? We are blessed. We have the life. Aya did have life too but she cannot have the life the way she wanted. Thinking of that, I feel so blessed.

Kito Aya when she was 18. She started to move around on wheelchair at this time.

When she was 23.

Before she had the disease

Her diary, 1 Litre of Tears.

p/s: esok suda start belajar... Good luck to me!

Friday, January 8, 2010

036 New module, new wish, new attitude

just wanna updates here and there. Hehe~
New year, with new resolutions.

1. Hard works never fails me, so I'm gonna keep it up.
Suda melencong away from my focus a bit these days.

2. No hasad dengki, no anger, no jealousy to others.
I'm a bit competitive and got very worried if others got something which far
more better than me especially with the MARKS!
So, now. NO thinking about others. Like hell, I'M ON MY OWN!

3. Nak lebih rajin buat ibadat sunat. Tak nak lewatkan solat!

Come hell or high water, I'll study hard, Doa and then Tawakkal.
(This formula never fails me before. Will always do it again and again.)

Now, here's some pics... ^^

cilok sekejap mase lab~ We can be very naughty tau!

tido time tunggu nasik siap.
Kedai tu sgt la lambat!

Kat lecture hall~
This is when boredom aura is surrounding me.

Start of the Respiratory System Module.
Dr. Narimah is the coordinator.
So, I'm really looking 4ward to it!

Just finished CVS ( Cardiovascular Module ) today with the PT.
The test was okay. I just hopes for the best result.
Anyway, I don't think I studied very hard.
I don't think that it was enough~

about the CVS module.
we studied about the heart which was very100x interesting.
But then again it was interesting only if there was no pharmacology in it lar~
For some reason, I actually don't like much about pharmaco.
We need to remember those drugs and stuff like their names
and their mechanism of action,
and their side effects, toxicity effects and all.
It was very hard. So right now, I'm trying very hard to find the perfect formula
for me to remember all those things.
*cross your fingers y'all!*

Another interesting thing I learnt in this module
is about Shock.
Well it's shocking isn't it?
okay. not funny~

Ok daa... finished with the stories.
I'm going back to the games...


Friday, January 1, 2010

035 The day it all ended.

The day it all ended. It is the day that separate 2009 and 2010. I was amused that day. I finally have matured. Not that I finally have realized that I have grown older day by day. I'm still as childish as always.

I still have the lazily-lying-around-all-day mood in the weekends.
I still cannot change how sensitive I am around people.
I still have a little teeny crush on boys like all other teenagers.
I still cannot be the one I want to be as I am always attracted to new things and stuff.
And I am not matured enough to control my own life.
I still need my guardian.
I still need my parents.
I still need my friends.

For this 2009. I am not looking back anymore.
Let it all be my memories which I will locked them in the little shiny glass box of my life and throw the keys to the place I won't reach. Although I might won't be able to open it again, I still can look at them from the outside of the glass box and remind myself of the past, beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, it would all be remembered always.

As for 2010.
I had my mind fixed on something. I want to be what I want to be and this time, I meant it. I have been prepared. My mind had focused on that particular something. Maybe I can't reach it. But I will not give up along the way. Like magic, I hope I will wake up one day, achieving all my dreams, busy juggling the life that I always wanted and looking back at the pathway I have followed. I hope I won't regret the pathway I took and live the life happily like others.

p/s: Memories which stays as memories and the past which remains as the past. I won't look back. And I won't be regret.
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