Tuesday, July 28, 2009

017 Fever and Confessions

d'oh~ I'm having a fever right now and it started like 2 days ago..
I know I might b sounded like a maniac or mayb just an acute cardiac arrest or just an overdose of ibuprofen...
But I think..
I really really think that I might have H1N1 or maybe some other viruses have attcked me right now..
and what makes me said that?
well, I have fever for like 2.. I mean 3 days including today and nausea too?
My head is spinning like hell since the first day
and right now I still have headaches from time to time..
and my back is in pain from lying down too much and I want to go shopping!
Well, I don't see any relation here about shopping but
yeah, I want to buy the Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer~
I hate lying down here all day~
I could finish up all the novels in my room even before I could realise it!

by the way, Uitm cuti dis week... Raby... Fue.. Nini.. blik laaaaa BP~

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