Wednesday, December 24, 2008

07The Abor Vitae

Well, do you ever heard of an Abor Vitae?
Uh.. Um.. If not, let me introduce it to you first.
Abor Vitae is a type of plant and originally,
the name 'abor vitae' came from a Latin word which means 'the tree of life'...
I did a lot of research and the most fascinating
thing about this plant is it's meaning,
err.. the symbolical meaning behind it...
As you can see, various flowers have their own symbol..
Like tulip which is the symbol of 'The Perfect Lover'
and Daisy means gentleness, innocence or loyal love..
well, different colors of flowers have different meanings attached to it.
For example, red roses means love, desire and respect and courage,
while pink and white rose symbolizes 'I love you still and always still'
and pale rose means friendship...
What a beautiful meaning huh?
It is best to give a flower to someone along with a meaning
if you don't want to tell them face to face...
Back to the subject.. *sorry guys*
Em.. The flower of Abor Vitae has its own symbol and meaning behind it.
Which means... true friendship or real and unconditional love of friendship...
Abor Vitae is a plant that looks like a fern tree or sumthing..
Well, I post along the picture though~
I guess, all I wanted to say in this post is I really love to send
the abor vitae flower or even the whole tree to my
most precious friends in this world..
Most of the are from TIGS and
I guess our friendship grew closer day by day..
and now I really can't imagine my life without you guys..
You guys really made me who I am now...
Just so you know, I love you guys a lot!

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