Sunday, October 4, 2009

029 PT is over!

I don't think there will be like photos in this post.
bcoz I feel like I'm going to write something.
or I *need* to write something
or maybe I *can* write something.
Okay. Lets jst forget 'bout choosing-the-right-word-game-thing.

About me these days.
I think I'm addicted to games in the facebook.
and shopping online too.
*the shoes looks more gorgeous online than the live one*

I have just sign up for twitter and found out
that twitter is actually really2x fun!

Regarding on the progress test (PT) for our General Module,
I don't think I will like score *flying colors* on this one.
Because I think I just studied recklessly these days.
Anyway, I'm gonna make up for it in the nest module,
which is the musculoskeletal system (MSK)
Practically MSK is pretty boring with those anatomy stuffs and biochemstry
*that is what they said -my friends-*
and the seniors too,
they said that during their time, there were lots of students who
failed this module because it was too hard.
Well, they've won actually.

*and this is unbelievable, bcos I'm usualy the one who study last-minute.
And I mean, a VERY last minute type of study.
Enough with studying things... =P

Today, we went to the Berjaya Time Square.
First we went to Jln Masjid India.
*bought a fake swatch watch there*
Then we went to eat at the KL Central
and then., after that we went to BTS,
Me, Far n Efa bought the same icon to hang on the bracelet, or necklaces *for them*
Mine is white, Far's got yellow and Effa, as usual, a pink one!
The icon is just a picue of a handbag, but it is cool~
And the bracelet is a Tiffany & Co.'s style.
Teehee~ ^^

Okay. I think this is enough for today.
Right now is 4.40 AM and I'm pretty much sleepy.
Is it yesterday?
Yesterday, I slept for like 4 hrs and before that, I only slept for 2 hours.
1 hr in the morning and another in the evening.
Pathetic huh?
But I think sleeping will just take your valuable time away.
I mean why don't you use that time to play games or to study instead of doing nothing,
sleeping on the bed.
Of course our body need to rest but why we need to study al the time during the day
but cannot have fun at night because you need to sleep.
There are a lot of other things to do right?
and you can we can always sleep we are very5x tired like we can't even open up our eyes probably.
Anyway, my eyes is getting very5x tired.
Good Night!

p/s:going to edit this post tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow to add some photos.

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