Tuesday, May 4, 2010

045 papeje~ XD

girl 1 : tingkat berapa nak turun?
girl 2 : 1 je lah terus. nak balik kan?
girl 3 : ni tingkat berapa?
girl 1 : 2! tangga jom!
girl 3 : lif lah~ tak baik bazir lemak.... ( ?!!!)
girl 1 n 2 dah gelak mcm nak pecah perut....

girl 3 tu sgt kelakar. 1st time dengar orang cakap macam tu.
maknenye, die lagi suka conserve lemak la ea?
haha~ saye rase macam patut je lemak tu dibazirkan. (dari sudut pandangan saye lah)
tapi janganlah terbuang terus lemak dalam badan tu sampai jadik marasmus.... XD

"If you're looking for rides through calm waters, then don't marry a STAR old boy!"

"STAR is unique! Unlike some other institutions, STAR has been breeding wholesome men; men who knows how to enjoy life and unless you are on the same wave length (reads as equallylepak or cracko!), he is capable of spoiling yours (life) !"

-quoted from http://staroba.my written by Pp
*full story here*

I mean, this is cool~ haha.. then how bout my dad? Just wondering whether he have the same some sort of wavelength with my mom? Haha XD

By the way, agreed with what he said la. My dad is kinda carefree sort of type lah. I think he is the man that *know how to enjoy life* and in the same time, he is totally fun inside and out~ Literally : open minded sorta type.

And I am wondering, how these STAROBA boys are all kinda very close to each other even when they didn't even know each other! Once, my day and I went to this Perak's The lost World of Tambun. And of course, he was wearing his STAROBA cap like always. And of course, another ex-STAR who doesn't even know my dad's name, just talk to my dad. And they become close like a second after their eyes met. Haha. I know. Exaggerating like always.

And what amazed me,is that that ex-STAR is in the class of '80s. My dad is in the class of '60s. Look at their age difference! @_@

And also, once, my dad park his car in a shopping mall. And suddenly, a man of his 20s just greet him. He just come out of nowhere an act like he already know my dad for days. Of course, my dad have this STAROBA member sticker on his car.

Pelik. but it's true. They are like a conglomerate or something but with better friendship.. Nak buat askar tambahan pon boleh. Haha. no offence STARians~
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