Monday, September 28, 2009

028 Selamat Hari Raye!

this post will be mostly photos.
*bcos i don't know what to write and what to think exactly*
PT in da next 4 days
and hell, i don't even read one topic yet~

actually, this post is mainly about raya tyme~
Selamat Hari Raya Aidlfitri everyone!
okey, 1st of all, photos of us ( me, apex, raby, fue, nina, ash, syaz n ina )
while beraye + camwhoring all day!

at apex's house.
bju ni wat aku nampak tembam++

luv this pic a lot.
we all looks like anak dare yang sgt sopan dan santun here~
*xcept ina yg tertido kejap*

at atiqah's house. still camwhoring non-stop from 9 to 5~

at apex's house. kinda like this pic too.

our job at other people house ; took pictures, pose and took another picture again and we started again with new pose.
sampai org da nak balik still amek gamba~

nina's house. we should drive 4x4 da next tyme.

and now, pics from my open-house at the 3rd day of raya~

muke aisy cam terkejot. knape ye?

anak siape la nangis ni..
*kak liza! anak kamu nak susu*

another scene. the back of pak lang, with mak lang, with their son, kemi, tga sbok mkn apekah?
then faiz, the red one, syafiq the tall, hooded one~

now, one or 2 short news.
apex has gone to egypt
*still x wat agi special post ntok die*

far kne migrain, now resting.

PT this friday, the file is full with handouts
which i haven't had the chance 2 touch yet.
*alasan je lebiyh*

and lastly, i think i miss home so much!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

027 Photos=P *wink**wink*

it'll be like a short post for this one too..
it's basically photos that i took over at the inernet
like UiTM's site, ning's site and FB.

the first one.
captured at seksyen 2, Shah Alam, when we were breaking our fast there.
after buying new shoes and hovering around the Mall
actually, involves those who from Class C tyme asasi dlu..
mish those moments..
from left, -effa, kina, me, mira-
*we ate pizza =P*

the second one.
captured at the foyer of S&T tower.
it was during the end of the explorace.
*tyme bgi2 adiah*
this is the pic of my team *the green team!**actually, w/o syazlan.. die sbok jew=P*
we won the 5th place from 20 team.. *Maybe, i can't really remember da number though*
It was really a fun n happening event so, we hope that there will be another one like this the next year!
the left line from the front, - abg fazwan, syazlan, kak zafran, tini, aishah n nazrin-
the right line form the front, -kak nana, ida, me, miza, ain *ain jugak nme die*, yu-

the last picture,
at the squasy court, a day before going back home for raya.
camwhoring the whole night and just having fun!
from the left, - far, mira, me, tyra, nad, aishah, dayang-
lily tukang amek gamba, ida jge lighting.
*it looks like an album jacket to me..XD*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

026 what do 'i' think?

anyway, just got an idea on what to write in the shower tdi..
1stly, its about raby,,,
well, babe~
congrats 4 ur new life on da 090909
Well, I, Ain@Dkopsunintended secare rasminye,
bgi one of my birthdays kt u both~
Bile da couple tu kn... jgn lpekan aku tau!
N congratulation again kat u both~
*although aku x knal sgt bf ko lagi*
well, i think this is funny... regarding on raby's new gossip...
(ym's short conversation with apex~)

Me~ (16/9/2009 12:01:43 AM): hey.. d u noe the big gossip tntg raby?
afiqah hamdani (16/9/2009 12:01:47 AM): kau tau ruby daadeeeeee
afiqah hamdani (16/9/2009 12:01:50 AM): hehe
Me~ (16/9/2009 12:01:52 AM): hahahahaha
afiqah hamdani : bru na ckp
afiqah hamdani : hehehehehe
Me~ : aku bru nk ckp tu la.
Me~ : ahax
afiqah hamdani : sapekah jejake i2
Me~: ni blog die
Me~ : jap
afiqah hamdani : mane2
afiqah hamdani : let me stalk hhim
Me~ : http://****** =P (4 personal reasons bg tuan pnye blog)
Me~ : go n stalk!
Me~ : haha

i think dis is funny bcoz.. both of us sgt la 'concern' ttg raby...
and bcoz it is a big news..
anyway, we sounded like old makciks yg ske brgossip kt cni.. haha~

2ndly, I think I'll just give a brief idea about apex on this post..
because I think that I'll post another about her in da future.
my best buddy...
tmpat aku luahkan everything,
tmpat aku membebel tah ppe.
ko dgr je dgn setie... hehe~
and now that u'll be gone to egypt..
i don't know who else i can talk to..
who else i can turn into..
*btw, still hav raby!*
and most important, i don't know who i can bebel2 to...
gossip2 tah ppe..
kua jalan2 kat bpmall smbil ambik gamba kt tandas...
pgi lepak2 tgk wayang..
sushi... n everyhting..
i'll b missing u lots dear..
anyway, i'll post another on u da next tyme.. so this one will be just briefly introduction jew..

3rdly, I personally think that our dean,
The foundation dean of FOM, UiTM,
Prof. Dato' Dr. Khalid Yusoff.
He's like a superman kot..
A superb cardiologist..
Have won numerous awards from Malaysia as well as internationally~
either way, i still thinks that he is the best in our faculty...
He can lead the new faculty, he can organise his life really well,
and he thinks a lot like a leader too...
*of course la kan?*

so, now, i just got motivational confidence just by thinking of him..
now, I think I want to study.. hehe~
btw, saye balik raye jumaat ni..
x saba gilew nak balik BP!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

025 new shoes on the move~

Well, it's basically shoes for the upcoming raya..
bought it kat vincci..
not that expensive but still, i love it a lot..
it's kinda weird..
coz if i'm wearing it, it'll looks like i'm wearing a black bandage just above my ankle..
talk about medicine..
right now, i am following the japanesse drama,
entitled, team medical dragon or iryu..
he is really super duper cool type of surgeon..
I think i really wanna be just like him in da future..
insyallah.. hehe~ btw,
tadi buke pizza...
hehe.. kenyang gile.. burp~
anyway, this is just a short post,
so i'm gonna upload some pics too~

kt midvalley..
gi ceramah agame pastu gi shopping..haha~


tyme tggu pizza siap!

my new shoe...
what d u think..?
1st na beli kale itam.. tpi da takde size...
so pasrah je la..

again~ my shoe w/o the kaki...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

024 09.09.09

Hey. It's a date!
It's my birthday today..
*and pak ngah's too*
Kinda happy and in a VERY good mood.
Serius. Kalau org mintak belikan laptop pon aku tolong pegi belikan..
Anyway. thanx 4 those yg wish me today.
I really2 appreciate u guys..
Tadi, Far, Farhani, n Mira nyanyikan Birthday song kat depan lab..
and everybody follows...
Well, half of my class kot..
Sangat la emberassing..
Tpi, anyway.. U guys r soooooo cool!
Cuz later that morning there r lots of other ppl yg wish me burfday.
Tadikan.. saye tak saba sgt nak buke puase sampai pukul 6.30
da tunggu depan makanan tu.
Well, the story started like this.
At 5.30 pm, I wake up and start to gelabah gile cuz I thought it was
6.30 pm already. So, terus la kejut Far..
"Far2!! da pkul 6.30.. tak semayang lagi ni. Da la tak beli makanan agi."
Far was like a zombie, just wake up and trus gi amek semayang.

Me : "Weyh. Sempat ke lagi nak gi DC ni?"
Far: "Pergi je la. sempat kot"

Then, we head off to the DC..
There was lots of people plus, the food is still there! A lot more left~
Cuz if it is 6.30 the food will be like
so little yg tinggal that we just need to buy
whatever we encounter before everyone elses.
And then, on the way balik bilik..

Me:"Far. Sekarang da pukul berapekah? Sempat ke nak sampai bilik sebelum buke"
Far : "Sempat je~ Baru pukul 7.09"
Me : "Haha. Bagus jugak ek. Sampai bilik terus buke nanti."

Then, kitorang siap2 la bentang surat khabar semua.
Da ready da nak makan.
Then tibe2..

We both : "Masuk!"
Then terjojol la kepale sorang classmate aku ni.
Me : "Nad! Hi.. nak pergi manekah?"
Cuz die pakai telekung semua cam ready nak gi terawikh jew.

Nad : "Far! kau tak gi tadarus ke?"
Far : "Oh arini ade ke?"

I was like, dalam ati, korang ni nak pergi mane sebenanye?
Tak nak buke ke?
Then, FAr tengok jam and she said...
Far : "Weyh! Baru pukul 6.30 kot sekarang. Haha!
Bersemangat gile nak buke!"

p/s : Tengok jarum jam tu betul2.. Tapi kalau digital tu, mmg
tak tau lah nak kate ape kot. *cam kes aku*


Friday, September 4, 2009

023 Tired? or what?

Saye suda penat.

Kenape tak boley lupe?

Kenape mesti kene ade?

Saye suda penat sangat.

Saye tak nak ingat kamu...

Saye penat.

Tapi, macam mane nak lupe kamu?

Kenape susah sangat nak lupe kamu?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

022 Interview... or is it interviews?

Today, I try out for the Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti interview under the FOM. FYI, the one who will be selected to be the MPP. It was not planned. I mean.. Okay. I was planning to go to the interview but it got canceled yesterday. So, I was like 'okay.. No problemo~ It's not like I really truly want it anyway.' But then, today, there was another interview. So, Effa was trying out and she sms me and ask me to come. So, I came. About 10 minutes after 1 o'clock. Just when I arrived I was like.

"Mcm mane interview? Besh tak? Berape ramai dah?"

Then Effa was like.

"Baru 3 orang kot. Ain, kau ade kelas kan pkul 2, kau masuk la dulu. Belum solat kan?"

So, okay. I entered first. There were two rooms.

And the first room, there are three seniors, two kakak and satu abang ( abang yg muke cam Abg Fazwan, kate diorang... )

Then they ask me to introduce myself so, I did.

"Ok. Start intoduce dulu."

"Name saye Nur'ain Hazwani."

"Tu je?"

"Ade lain ke?"

"Ok. Saye asal Batu Pahat, Johor."



"Ade lagi?"

"Sekolah mane ke."

Okaaaayyy. They want me to introduce myself tpi tak bagi guideline.

Macam suruh buat air sirap yang tak pekat sangat tapi tak bitau nak masuk berape sudu gula sebenarnye.

Terkurang karang salah.. Terlebih pun salah.

Sekali aku bgitau everything karang.. Like "I like Dashboard Confessional punye lagu. Abg n kakak tau tak?

Lepastukan saya nak balik minggu ni tapi mak ayah tak bagi."


Then, they started to ask me about my ideas regarding of Satu Malaysia or One Malaysia. So I said that it was a very good idea la.

And it promotes the Malaysian to be hands in hands with each other in every aspects rather than becoming self-centered about their own culture.

We have lots of cultures here in Malaysia. So, why not be a part of everything.

At least we know a bit, if not too much about everything.

We have Indians, Chinese and all the Bumiputeras.

Why not make it a like a combination. It will be fun!

Like, It's not like all the DJs are Malays or all the DJs are Chinese or Indians.

We have Malaysians. We have the combination of everything.

Hah, amik kau. Aku siap masukkan Fly. Fm lagi.

After that they ask me about the total death toll in Malasia of H1N1. So I like...

"Tatau la. "


"Erm... 30 something?"

"Sekarang total 72. Dan still tak berubah."

Okay. Baiklah.

And then, they ask what is my ideas about how the UiTM handle this H1N1 situation.

I was like why don't they give us much more holidays? But of course I didn't say that out loud. Like a professional, *ceh. Boley blah ah* I answered that UiTM suppose to quarantine all the campuses rather than letting the students balik kampung. Because it will spread the disease much easier. And they ask me that are we suppose to ziarah2 during Hari Raye during H1N1 season?

I say, pandai2 la fikir bang. Kalau dah ade H1N1 tu takkan nak keluar jugak kan?

After that in the second room, there were three seniors, 2 guys and a female senior which looks kinda scary on the outside.

They ask me again about satu malaysia and the fact that they use my own point to attack me back really upset me. I was like. Whaa..?? My ideas is mine lar. It was only an idea. Like I give a political review regarding of Satu Malaysia. Like DAP rules in certain places and UMNO rules in certain places and blablabla. So they ask balik, so Satu Malaysia was made due to political aspects la? I was like it was one of the examples. There are lots of other examples out there pasal racism ni.

So they asked me again, if all the people follows Satu Malaysia, who wants to oppose it?

Then, kat situ dah rase macam nak jatuh je dari kerusi. The oppositions la.

Mentaliti setiap orang kan berbeza. Kan? Kan?

After that, they asked about how I want to go on after grad. I said I will further my study 2 b a specialist. Then they ask about what type of specialist I want to be. So I said I want to be neurosurgeon. Then they asked again what I want to achieve if I am a neurosurgeon. I was like, erm.. new surgical techniques? Hidupkan balik brain dead people. Life is important. Tapi tergagap jugak lah time die tanye knape brain specialist. Kenape tak heart ke. Adoi~

Then they ask me about myocardiac infarction. *naseb baek baru belajar pasal infarction tadi.Fuuhh*

What is your explanation about myocardiac infarction?

Ischemia in cardiac muscle la. Effecting the circulation of the blood in our body.

Therefore terjadi la infarction kat situ.

Then, what type of person who have the higher rate of getting that disease?.

Jawapan senang tapi ayat die pelik. Kat sini dah ditranslatekan kepade more understandable sentence.

So I was asking them to repeat that question for like only God knows.

So I was like.."Erm.. Uh.. Obese people?"

Gosh! Betape leganya bile kua bilik 2 tuh. Huhu~

So, kesimpulannye, jangan la pandai2 nak try out for interview kalau tak ready pape.

And here, there are a few pictures during Kesatria yang memenatkan.

Orang kawad, kite siap bole lepak2 amik gamba lagi.

tatau nape. tapi saye suke gamba ni.

edited by fatin's phone.mse anta borang jpa. Cute je...

ni la tyme kesat.. seb bek tak bley pakai topi liverpool.. ^^"

dengan Far, roomate..

haha..~ pose je lebiy.

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