Sunday, March 8, 2009

010Have Fun Ain!

The internet line is suprisingly and incredibly slow today..
I don't even want to say about it.. ^^"
Anyway, I'm at home right now and I think my feeling is kinda confusing lately..
I'm unusually happy about relaxing today eventhough
I perfectly knew that I have a lot of tests coming on next week.
But, come to think of it, I was kinda depressed for the last few weeks
and I need a lot of rest to let my head
to become normal again from all the studying.
I slept at about 3 to 4 in the morning on the average and
'slightly' busy catching up on a lot of things.
Now that my marks has going up 'slightly' higher,
I think I really need the rest.
I just lost my laptop..anyway, it's not really 'mine'
but my dad's things are mine and my things are also mine right?
*talk 'bout being a good daughter.... T_T*
Somebody broke into the house and stole things
including my precious laptop and suprisingly,
I was happy because I've save my videos in my hard disk earlier..
And that somebody..If I found him or her anywhere
I swear I'll break his/her neck no matter what!!
*First, need to master up on the basic taek-wan-do ... ^^"*
Gosh,anyway, I've written up a lot of synopsis regarding of
my upcoming stories and right now
I just need to find the perfect time where
I can write peacefully without even bothering about my studies...
*cuti sem jer*
To end things off, I think I have fallen in love with this one song called
Love 119 by K.Will featuring MC Mong...
It's a great song I tell ya eventhough
I don't even know the meaning of the whole song cause it's in Korean..Hehe~
*note-to-self* Shoulders up Ain, and be happy!
U can be happy and survive anytime and anywhere~
*just having fun... hehehe*

Anyway, lots of love, A.I.N
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