Saturday, June 19, 2010

047 What's Up?!

I laugh my as* off when I look at this,,,

I miss Patty.... ^^"
I hope he'll watch me sleeping although I'll look messy.
I hope he'll stays although it's kind of scary.
I hope I'll magically turn into one of the Cullens..
although I know I am NOT as beautiful..yet,I am PERFECTLY as CLUMSY as Bella. Ha-Ha.
Speaking about Bella and Edward,
Eclipse is coming out this 8th July,,,
A week after I come back to UiTM.
Anyway, can't wait to watch it!
Btw, I need friends to to watch it with me.... anyone?!

Friday, June 18, 2010

046 editing~

Just edit my blog template! Sweet huh?~
Anyway, this template was from!
Me really likey, BUT...
There are no comments available.
What a downer huh!
But still, this skin is perfect for me. It's just that you can't write any comments and you don't even get to read one!
Make the word 'you' to 'we'... because I just realize that!

Anyway, be happy guys becauseI have put on this shoutmix box... in the 'tagboard'! ;)
Therefore, feel free to drop by and say Hi! *wave*
You are welcome anytime!
In other words, thanks a lot to Dancingsheep for creating this skin! Thanks a trillion!
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