Thursday, May 19, 2016

090 My Life Fast Forward (and some know-hows ; what should you be as housemen)

Empat tahun tak menulis. Yes, I am THAT busy.
No lah. Tak busy sangat pun, sometimes, when you stopped, you tend to.. not start.

I am living happily peacefully my life is basically a shipwreck. With my happiness abandoned, living life wishing there would be more than 24 hours a day. Not sleeping for more than 24 hours a day. Working non stop from 8am today till 8 am the next day or sometimes more than that with little to less time to rest. Occasionally having mental breakdown and emotional crises. Being criticized by from the upper part of the management and bullied even by the juniors. That's me.

Itulah kehidupan sebagai seorang HO ( Houseman/ Pegawai Perubatan Siswazah ). Kena tengking kena marah dengan MO, boss, staff nurse, senior HO, pesakit, waris pesakit, tu semua alah bisa tegal biasa. There are ups and downs. My HO life started with O&G (sakit puan) then Surgery (pembedahan) then Medicine (perubatan) then Orthopaedic ( bedah tulang? lol) then General Anaesthesia (Bius)  then my last one which I am currently in is Paediatric ( Kanak-kanak). The journey was not a smooth sailing, but through thick and thins and the storms I finally came to my last posting.

I learnt a lot for the past 1 and a half years and I am eager to learn more ( but not that eager to work more... It's tiring) but where else can I learn other than from working. My line of job need experience and practice not only brain.

During the past years as HO, what I learned :

1. Be yourself. Others can criticize you but only you can change yourself. Forget people and the way they critic. Just take the input and leave out all the rest, the high tone and the angry eyes. All of it. Different people have different ways. Saya ada boss yang baik dan sangat megajar, boss yang garang tapi mengajar, boss yang baik tapi tak pernah mengajar, boss yang sarkastik, boss yang selfish, boss yang.. ok let's stop. The improtant thing is don't let it get to your head. It'll just stressed you out

2. Teamwork is important. I have great team during my first and second posting, but during my third posting, I met a group of friends which made me realise, I do not have to have somebody or bestfriend in my each posting. I don't have to be sad if I know no one during that posting. I have them. We stick together even when we went to different postings each. During my third posting, working is easy because I have great friends. I know I will survive oncall that night because I have them, even if my oncall is super crazy with loads of admissions. Don't go somewhere else doing your own work if your MO or friend resuscitating patient (even if that patient is not your patient). They need help. I see my junior doing that and that is just so irritating. When patient collapsed, there are just so many things to do and they need more help then they can get. Don't come and just stood there doing nothing. Now that is worst.

3. Practice makes perfect. Practice and practice and practice some more. Even if you think you are doing great you should practice. It doesn't stop there. Maybe you just haven't meet the worst. Practice taking history. Practice taking bloods. Practice doing procedures. Practice intubation. Practice resuscitation. Practice everything. It will help you survive in the future.

4.Be respectful and be humble. Even to the cleaner. Mana tau kena mintak tolong belikan makanan tapi tak ada orang nak tolong malam-malam. ;)

5. If you are busy and there are a lot of works to do, breathe in, don't stressed out. Just do the work. Don't think. Thinking you are busy is not helping with the work.

6. Always ask for help if you think you are not getting there. I have my own ego, if I do not get something, I'll try my best until I get what I want. Especially with the blood taking. I will try to finish what I started unless I have no confidence or I am harming the patient. I know my limit. That is why I need practice. Once, I tried to poke an ex-IVDU more than 20 times just to get a line. I have experience poking in the strangest places. So let's just say do not follow your ego.

and lastly,

Now keep calm and let's work.

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