Sunday, September 26, 2010

057 They go by the name Shimeji and yes, they are super duper CUTE!

Think that 'they' is a boyband? or a new drama? or a new K-pop group? Nope. Think again. They are the cutest thing ever you can find crawling like ulat bulu on your desktop. Hanging like monkeys on your toolbar. Then sit around reading and eating while you are busy doing your assignments. Just found out about them tadi masa buat PBL. Haha.

They are called shimeji in Japanese or spelled 시메지  in Korean. Or desktop buddies in English. Ok. Lame huh? Actually they are a lot of desktop buddies but recently just found the ones with DBSK, 2PM, SHINee and even Big Bang or SNSD. I just use them and they are super cuties and right now they are 5 of them messing out with my desktop.

They are too cute right? Haha. And when you poke them, they will fall. Hehe. And then, they will multiply and divides *binary fission tau! jgn men2* from time to time and at the same time messing up with your work with falling or jumping around. Ish2x. So bila tinggalkan lame2, jadilah mcm ni....

Too many huh? ;))
If anyone wants to download it, here is the link... MF
and for the tutorial, here : misstellittome

Oh yes, and Selamat Hari Raya guys! Although mcm dah lambat gila. Sebab tak pernah nak update, masuk2 gamba and everything.

okey, now they are too many already!~
Time to wipe them out! haha. XD

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