Monday, March 28, 2011

064 Reminiscence

Friendster. People might have been forget about it since the birth of Facebook and Twitter. Just now, I log in on my friendster account and guess what I see? The.old.immature.ME! Haha. From the pics to the comments to the applications. How childish I am as compared to now. But the least immature thing I've found is my last blog post since I left the Friendster world. The title was Missing Her (so much!) - A Tribute.

But still, the post is about how I miss my grandma or here, I should call her Tok Yah. She's ibu's mother and she died when I was 7 years old. So I could just barely remember her. And before the post, my mom, my Tok Yah's sister (Tok Emot) was talking about her.

1. How she was a great cook. Our family and neighbours would come by when she cooks. And she really loves to cook. When she cook some special dishes, she will always call her children and grandchildren to come.

2. How she was a great mother and the best grandmother. She loves her family and grandchildren dearly. I remember one day, we were preparing to go to her house and when we arrived, a special dish for me was prepared as it was my favourite. I still remember, she always bought ice cream when her grandchildren were there. She always took special care for us.

3. How she was stubborn and cute at the same time. She was having high blood pressure at that time, so my mom would call her every day to remind her not to cook certain foods which are fatty or too sweet. Anyway, that day, my mom called her and she said she was cooking this healthy food. She was lying and still I think it was a sweet white lie. And when my mom came by, actually it was NOT healthy at all for a patient. And she would tell her neighbours not to tell my mom on what she cooked before that. 

4. How great was her laugh. She loves to laugh and her laugh is contagious! Tok Emot told me that she really loves to laugh and she always looks like she was having a great time. I don't remember the way she laughs but somehow, I do remember the way she smile. The way she talk and the way she look at me.

5. On her last medical check up, the doctor accidentally forgot to write the next date for her medical check up. And she, while laughing thinking and said that maybe the doctor made a mistake. But no. It was not a mistake. It was really her last medical check up as she died after that.

Oh. How I miss her so badly. Al-fatihah.

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