Wednesday, March 31, 2010

serius aku rasa mcm da takde kawan je kat sini sekarang ni.
Nak nangis boleh tak?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

042 Itu kamu

I've start my endocrine punye module this week.
Susah la gak.. tpi lgi susah kalau tak study.
so now,
off to study!
but wait, there are some things i wanna discuss.
i've been out of my depression. no moody2.
takde bengang2.
but that is all because of HIM.
whenever i feel tired or angry or moody, I will always try to remember him.
He will always be there for me. I know..

right now, I've been watching House back to back.
One thing I know from the series is that,
they r so informative!
I've been knowing Cushing's syndrome.
But trough the series, I've been watching the patient symptoms live!
I mean, they r acting but at least I know what are the symptoms looks like la.

Anyway, these r some pics mase SGS physio pnye group pnye gathering.
We ate P.I.Z.Z.A
haha~ it's lame. iknow. showing off like that.
macam x pernah makan pizza.
anyway, enjoy.
Coz I know I am.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

041 The Ondine's Curse

Tau tak.
dalam French folk tale, ade cite pasal Ondine and her curse.
Ondine is a water nymph.
mcm mermaid la..
so, like all other mermaids, she can't grow old unless if she fell in love with a human man.
and she did.
Then. when they get married, his human husband pledge that

"My every waking breath shall be my pledge of love and faithfulness to you."

So, in the end they get married.
But as Ondine grew to a more mature beauty,
her husband faithfulness grew lesser.
She caught her husband cheating on her with his former fiance.
Ondine still have little of her magic, so
she cursed him. Saying,

"You pledged faithfulness to me with your every waking breath and I accepted that pledge. So be it. For as long as you are awake, you shall breathe. But should you ever fall into sleep, that breath will desert you."

Maka, matilah husband die dalam tidur kerana tak boleh bernafas...
-the end-

Actually, ade medical disorder ni,
Namanya The Ondine's curse
It is genetic and very2x rare.
Biasenye, baby yang baru lahir yang dikatekan ade
CCSH (Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome)
mungkin mengalami penyakit ni.
Doktor2 pulak selalu je misjudge penyakit ondine's curse ni dengan penyakit2 lain yang mempunyai CCSH oleh kerana simptom2 yang same. .
Sbab CCSH ni lebar causes die.
Sbgai contoh, CCSH jugak boleh berlaku kpade infants yang ade cardiac failure
atau pulmonary disorder.

Ia seperti SOD (sleep apnea disorder) yang lain,
dimana pesakit akan mengalami kesukaran bernafas ketika tidur.
Macam biase, kite kan bernafas boleh either involuntarily n voluntarily,
tapi, pesakit ni tak ade kawalan dalam pernafasan secare involuntarily.
Maka, ketika tidur pesakit akan "lupa bernafas"
dan boleh menyebabkan kematian.
Yang ni tatau lagi lah.
Tapi, dikatakan bahawa kalau x treat patient ni awal2, die akan
menyebabkan rapid aging.

macam mane satu penyakit tu boleh diadaptasi dari sebuah folk-tale je.
Tapi either kebetulan or other else, tatau la.
Tapi bagi saye, still sgt menarik cerita ni...

p/s: I think that this will be the topic of my 2nd BEL presentation.
Ok tak? ok tak?

p.p.s : baru balik kem BTN. penat naik bas melambung2 bukan sebab penat aktiviti.
sampai sakit2 gluteus maximus-ku~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

040 tak nak dan tak suke

Due2 ade.
Tak nak dan tak suke.
kalau tak suke mestilah kite tak nak kan?
Tapi kalau kita tak nak, tak semestinye kite x suke.
It depends lah.
Depends on which came first.
Tak nak or tak suke.
But if 'tak suke' came first, it'll be bad.
This is the last sem of this year.
Nex sem suda tukar.

Then, lagi satu. Kenapa ada sesetengah orang sangat2 suke jual ikan.
I mean, please read between the lines.
Jual ikan tak mendatangkan hasil langsung.
"Fine if you hate me, I'm not gonna hate you too,
I'll just disrespect you je..."

I am not telling this straight to ur face because I'm afraid I'll hurt you.
But if you are just as insensitive and ignorant as a rock,
I might have been curse you straight to your face.
I love us spending time together.
It's just that I don't like your attitude.
Hah. amek kau.
Even my diary don't know this.

p/s: now, I'm searching for
HIS hidayah~
Because I just realize why I am not happy here in the first place.
I just wanna be the way I am.
But I can't find the
old me.
I am just not comfortable here, right now.
Hell yeah, this is
me writing and telling the truth.

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