Thursday, October 27, 2011

087 In Heaven

Not the feeling, literally.

Yeah, JYJ In Heaven album, I am waiting for youuuu~

And guess what, my seminar is tomorrow. and my case write up is also due tomorrow, still haven't finish completely. And currently I am not anywhere near 'the zone'.

Yup. The zone, the mood to study or anything. I just want to be able to finish my works and wish for the best for the next week and tomorrow *crossing my fingers tightly*. I have to clerk patients too. Gosh, these days my emotional graph is pretty much upside-down. Ok. Off to work now.

Sometimes this is only what I have in my mind

Then, when the time comes, I'll be miserable 

And all I see is this mad-looking-Luffy pointing finger at me

I guess i need to stop watching One Piece.

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