Thursday, November 25, 2010

060 Trying...

I know I know. I am trying here~
And by the way, I am actually missing home...
my guitar... my room.. mom and dad... and the TV*cannot leave that one eh.*

Pengakuan : saya addicted dengan lagu ni.
What's Up by 4 Non Blondes.

Thanks to Yonghwa of CNBlue in WGM. aishhh~
Lagu lame kot. 90s kot. But the song n lyrics r nice.
It's really simple to play with guitar. 3 chords sahaje! Dengar2! 3 chords saje!!!~ ;))
Haha. Excited x bertempat. Bm, D dgn A. Really simple = a great sing-a-long-song~

OK. study!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

059 JYJ First Showcase in Malaysia

Best gila! Penat gila! Sakit tekak+telinga gila. Haha. Tetiba terfikir pulak, kalau kat Malaysia dah mcm ni, mcm mane pulak la ek kat homecountry they all. But then, it was a blast and I am having the best Sunday this year!~ Okay the pics... ;))

now, for the first pic...

and the second... haha. ;))

and the Malaysian Cassies that were waiting outside the stad under the sun, panas tau tak~
But it's okay since we all get to see JYJ after this.


and the short interview. Whoa! Yoochun's english makes my heart flutter~ ;))

and the cassies inside. Envy those VIPs. They got to sit comfortably while me, dying in the rockpit, 
under those ketiaks,
 because I'm not tall enough! T_T

okay one is enough because my head is already tenggelam under those balloons, lightstick, banners,
and ketiaks~ and sorry for the shaky hands. T_T

 Okay for the details,

We arrived there at about 9.30 a.m (and the show started at 2 pm!!), parked the car at backdoor entrance (we already know that their flight arrived at about 10.50 a.m). So we waited and buy some stuff ( I got their Lux album!!!! Hip hip hooray!~) Spend some .. okay lots of money on goodies, lightsticks and lots of other things.

 The front box!

 And the free shirt...

 When you open the box, you get to see this.

Pull out the CD in front and this appear, the lyrics book!

The front page of the book.

and the serial number.

and the photobook.

and the first photo! Jae!!!!~ ;))

At about 11.00 o'clock, the album booth is open, and bare with me, they are a LOT of fans pushing just to buy their CDs (because we all takut Lux album habis lah). After that, we rush back to the backdoor entrance to watch them arrive. And yes, at about 12 o'clock the vans arrive. And hella comeyl punye fans sebab we just wave to all the 5 vans although JYJ is only in the first van. LOL.

Then we rush back to the main entrance to wait for the gate to open, so finally we are inside (after all those pushing and cursing and yelling and singing along to their rehearsals. Haha) The cassies are so comeyl! Sempat lagi nak nyanyi time tu.

Then they sang about 5 songs (kot...;>) Chajatta, Ayy Girl, Be My Girl, Empty and I don't remember another one. (Too busy looking at them lah.). The fans are singing together, yelling together and jumping together and chanting their names together and basically we all go crazy together even when they look at us. Haha. And during the short interview, the fans are all excited and shout out their names. Also you know Malaysian are proud of their -lah at the end of words right, and when the MC teach them, Jae's voice when he said "I love you-lah Malaysia" is priceless! Oh. I just discovered that Yoochun is a fast learner. He adds the lah as soon as the MC teach them. Sweet! And the last word from Yoochun ; "And thank you for keeping the fatih always" makes all the fans scream their lungs out! Not much words from Junsu. I don't know why but I feel sad. But it's okay! His face do the job. :))

After it all ended, we all get out and rush to the backdoor(again!) to catch a glimpse of them going into the van. Jae gave a wave to us before getting into the van, no pics because I guess I am to aww-struck to see them live. Haha. ;))

p/s : and they said that they will hopefully come back again 'summer' next year!!!~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

058 Watch your mouth because it hurts.

Like seriously. People nowadays seriously need to watch out. Kalau cakap main lepas macam air paip tu, tolonglah buat ayat dulu kat kepala. Sebab, kadangkala, ayat-ayat ni menyakitkan hati dan sebagainya. 

1. For example, when someone you know enter a competition, and they won. Then they keep talking about it after that just because she's happy. Patutkah anda cakap "So kau nak kata kau terror lah ni ek?"? Patut ke? Patut ke? Patut ke? For me, it's okay lah dia nak cerita pasal kemenangan dia. Mestilah dia rasa hepi n bangga dapat menang. Dan mestilah dia nak share story dia. In life, kalau tak cerita kat mak or bapak of course lah the next goes to 'the bestfriend'. Tapi kalau takde mak or bapak. So automatically it goes to the friend. 

2. Another example. Is it nice to say something like "You are kind of busuk la." to other people just because they are sweating? Like hello~ they know it! They feel sorry too to others because they are sweating like hell after exercise or walking up the forever-ongoing-stairs. They don't need you to tell them, they just need a good bath... and a perfumed shower gel.

3. Or another example, when people say something, please listen cause they tell you something because they want too. Just answer it with a "hmm..." will do. Because they know you are listening...... and they know that they want you to stop. *because of the cold reaction* ;)) But when someone are talking there are people who doensn't reply anything and just doing something else*unless they are in their bad mood lah, you probably need to keep a distance-_-*

4. The last example, seriously kita patut jaga the way we are talking, Sometimes, they are tones that are not that cool and they are also tones that are sounds like demanding. 

Ni semua daripada pengalaman dan jugak pengamatan keadaan sekeliling. It's just that kita tak perasan yang even the littlest thing hurts. Dan kalau kita dah buat orang sakit hati kat kita, kita yang berdosa kan? kan? This is also like a reminder to me to not say anything that hurts. And also, maaf kalau terasa.

Lastly, words stabs deeper than the swords, so please be careful~ ;))

Sunday, September 26, 2010

057 They go by the name Shimeji and yes, they are super duper CUTE!

Think that 'they' is a boyband? or a new drama? or a new K-pop group? Nope. Think again. They are the cutest thing ever you can find crawling like ulat bulu on your desktop. Hanging like monkeys on your toolbar. Then sit around reading and eating while you are busy doing your assignments. Just found out about them tadi masa buat PBL. Haha.

They are called shimeji in Japanese or spelled 시메지  in Korean. Or desktop buddies in English. Ok. Lame huh? Actually they are a lot of desktop buddies but recently just found the ones with DBSK, 2PM, SHINee and even Big Bang or SNSD. I just use them and they are super cuties and right now they are 5 of them messing out with my desktop.

They are too cute right? Haha. And when you poke them, they will fall. Hehe. And then, they will multiply and divides *binary fission tau! jgn men2* from time to time and at the same time messing up with your work with falling or jumping around. Ish2x. So bila tinggalkan lame2, jadilah mcm ni....

Too many huh? ;))
If anyone wants to download it, here is the link... MF
and for the tutorial, here : misstellittome

Oh yes, and Selamat Hari Raya guys! Although mcm dah lambat gila. Sebab tak pernah nak update, masuk2 gamba and everything.

okey, now they are too many already!~
Time to wipe them out! haha. XD

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

056 Oh. Merdeka! Oh no. Belum...kah?

Haha. Merdeka! Let's wave that Jalur Gemilang together!~ Hah kau. Gila semangat.  Hari ni hari merdeka, tapi tak pulak terdetik hati nak pergi sambut. Takpe. Takpe. Saya sambut dekat bilik je. Dengan perasaan berkobar2 sebagai seorang anak pasca merdeka! Yes. Yang penting kita kena sedar macam mana nak pertahankan kemerdekaan kan? kan?

Haha. Oh no. Malaysia merdeka hari ni kali ke 53. Tapi saya merdeka lagi 4 tahun. Haha. Lagi 4 tahun baru nak grad. And jumaat ni PT, so jumaat ni boleh lah merdeka secara kecil2lan. Haha. ;))

Anyway, pagi tadi bangun awal (konon nak sembahyang tahjud), tapi bila tengok lappy masih on, FB terbukak lagi, saya online lah sekejap. Takpe sekejap je. Adelah dalam sejam kot. Lepas tu solat tahjud okay. Haha. 

Oh oh. Korang mengikuti DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki tak? Huh huh. bersemangat ni. Yoochun baru keluarkan drama. 1st episode already aired yesterdayyy!~ Boo yeah babe!~ Tak sabar sangat2 nak download but just hope that line tak lah selembab hari tu. Dan hari ni.ish ish.

Oh yes. Sungkyunkwan Scandal. First episode aired already!~
look at that smile. *faints*

Oh. next info, Hari tu berbuka puasa dengan kawan2, meraikan diorang dah nak fly. Woot2!~ Syaz will be going to Ireland, Hafizah Sidek, will b going to Uk, liverpool *oh no. jeles gila nih!* and Feeza Misrin to Ohio, US. Bestnyeee kan dapat pergi belajar luar negara? Oh tidak. Saya jeles sangat2. Tapi rasanya dalam negara lagi best. Bak kata pepatah, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan platinum di negeri sendiri. Kan? Kan? Anyway, just wish them the best from here. ishkk. Bubye guys~ 

the last goodbyes, still camwhoring. *lalalala*

oh. inilah muka2 yang nak terbang2 tinggi tu.
*kecuali si tudung merah bercermin mate tu ye*

ini pizza kami!~ Kecoh balik bila tengok. 
Thin crust! Saya suka, macam Domino's.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

055 Pengakuan : saya pernah masuk PERKID

oh no. kenapa sume blurrrr???

carilah sayee~ ;))

Serius. saya budak jahat. saya ade masalah sosial. So, semalam, saya dihantar bersama rombongan ke PERKID, Hulu Langat.

Oh Oh tidak. saya tidak ditahan kat sane sebab bukan parents saya yang hantar. Haha. Gotcha! ;))

Ok. The reality is saya pergi PERKID ikut rombongan mak cik kiah eh eh lawatan kolej Delima dengan Encik Rais as pengiring. So kat sana, kami berbuka, bertarawikh, dan berkenal-kenalan lah dengan kawan2 kita yang tak senasib dengan kita ni. Tau tak PERKID tu hape? Hah. Tatau kan? kan? Ok. saye je kot yang tatau mula2.

Ok. Untuk orang yang macam saya, PERKID tu macam pusat pemulihan ahlak lah tapi dengan bertiangkan agama. Best kot dpt masuk situ sebab kita dapat belajar agama n everything. Hah, nak tau best ke tak, silalah masuk sekali ye. Jom~

Sekarang dah pukul 6 petang. oops... Makanan buka tak beli lagi! So ringkaskan je lah. Korang sambil baca sambil buat ayat sendiri je lah~

Sebab masuk PERKID : Mostly sebab masalah sosial yang terlampau, minum arak, pills, berzina etc.
p/s : kalau korang nak masuk sangat2 and sangat2 nak jadik salah seorang anak2 PERKID, silalah buat  benda alah tak bermoral ni ea. Senang saje caranye. ;)

Tempoh duduk kat PERKID : Biasanya 1 tahun 6 bulan *lama wooooo*. Tapi masa ditentukan oleh Abah (Pengerusi PERKID), Ummi n Ibu lah. Lepastu kalau dah keluar, ade parole-like tempoh 3 tahun. Kalau time ni tak insaf2 lagi. Kena bawak balik masuklah. Jawapannye : 3 tahun extend tak leyh kuar2. Padan muka.

Aktiviti kat sana : Bangun pagi, ade kelas agama ( fardhu 'ain, al-Quran etc.), tidur tgh hari kejap, solat zohor, kelas petang, riadhah, dan yang memasak tu akan masak sama2. Lepas tu solat, and ngaji n basically mcm2 lah. Yang dah senior2 tu (yang dah dduk 1 thun lebih), mungkin akan ikut sekali OPS2 PERKID masa malam tahun baru ke, Merdeka ke, Valentine ke. Kira ikut berdakwah la. Best kan? kan? Hah. Kalau nak silalah suruh mak bapak u all daftar ye~

Macam mana nak masuk? Ok. mostly, yang masuk ni dihantar (dipaksa,ditipu,dipaksarela,memang rela etc.) oleh parents mereka. Ade jugak yang diangkut (dijemput,ditarik etc.) oleh pihak PERKID. Tapi dengan kebenaran parents lah. Mesti parents2 still sayang sangat dengan diorang nih tapi tatau dah nak buat hape dengan diorang yang takde harapan nak berubah ni, so hantar lah kat sini. Kesian kan mak bapak diorang?  Memang lah salah diorang jugak sebab tak jaga baik2. Tapi ada jugak yang berlaku di luar kawalan diorang, so kesian kan?

Masa sesi bersosial dan berkenal-kenalan dengan diorang ni, macam2 pengalaman yang dapat kitorang ambil dan jadikan iktibar. Tapi yang pasti mostly adalah sebab guys lah (pakwe, balak, teman lelaki, kawan lelaki, baby etc). Perempuan ni, senang je nak cair. ayat sikit2 dah cair macam cokelat cadbury. Diorang ni memang pantang kena ayat. Hah kau, mula2 pegang sikit, pastu pegang banyak2 diikuti dengan rabe2, disusuli dengan adegan dan aksi panas macam ariel tu. Eh eh. shhh...

Ok. So, konklusinya di sini, kaum2 hawa sekalian, tolong lah jaga maruah awak tu baik2 ye. Jangan lah percayakan mana2 lelaki kaw2 100%. Karang kaw2 depa pergunakan hangpa. Eh, pergi kedah kejap. Kalau nak berkasih sayang, manja2, cintan cintun, kiss2 sume silalah tunggu si lelaki tu dah sah2 jadi suami awak okeyh.

And GUYS! tolong lah sedar sikit, awak tu dilahirkan sebagai pemimpin, bukan memimpin tangan awek pergi masuk hotel ye. Awaklah sebenarnya sebab utama baby2 banyak kena tinggal tepi jalan, bawah jambatan, dalam tong sampah, dalam baby hatch suma tu. Kalau ada perasaan GUILTY n RESPONSIBILITY tu takpe jugak, boleh jaga anak luar nikah awak tu. Ni, awek kate " Abang, saya dah pregnant. Macam mana ni?", you all sibuk cabut lari macam tak cukup tanah nak jejak. Ish ish ish. Yang si awek preggy tu sibuk cari tempat nak gugurkan baby. Ish ish ish. Astarghfirullahalazim.

Ok lah sini saje, sekarang sudah pukul 6.51 petang. Saya buka meggi je lah. Haha~ Baik lappy mengong, takley detect USB. Next tyme lah letak gamba. Peace~

owh. edited ;
suda letak gamba but mostly gambar banyak blur. aiseh. seriously kena belajar dari kak kina ni. haha~ ;D

Monday, August 16, 2010

054 oh saya mahu ini!

polaroid camera instax 7s fujifilm mini. 
saye mahu!~

kat : rm248

Saturday, August 14, 2010

053 Yes, saye perempuan!

Haha. This is funny. I am a girl. I know. Dulu2 saye tak suke barang2 perempuan ni. Saye suka pakai sport shoes, jeans, dengan t shirt baggy2 je. Saye tau sebab saye rase saya hodoh dulu2. So saya rasa kalau pakai pakaian perempuan, saya nampak lagi hodoh. huk huk. Dulu saya tak suka kalau mak saya nak belikan kasut. Sebab kaki saya besar. Okeyh. Saiz 9 mmg lah besar untuk ladies kat Asia ni kan. Average pon mcm 5-7 je. Ni 9! macam saiz kasut ayah je. So sebab tu lah saya rasa senang kalau pakai sport shoes n sandal mcm dak lelaki tu. Hahah. Baju pun baju besar2 macam rapper 50 sen, nelly, n xbitz pakai tu. So jenama2 yang selalu pakai pun biasa B.U.M, and tah pape lagi lah yang sewaktu dengannya. Beg pulak, beg yang simple yang amat. Yang tak banyak poket and bling2 so saya boleh letak button lawa2. Haha. 

Sekarang, perubahan okeyh. Saya dah berhijrah jadik budak perempuan yang macam perempuan lah sikit. Dulu saya suka Tropicana Life. Sekarang saya dah suka TL Gurl. *haha. same je*. Dulu saya suka Nike, sekarang saya suka Guess. Dulu saya suka WC, sekarang saya dah suka Gucci. Walaupun taste kepada B.U.M Equipment masih still sama. Sekarang saya dah suka baju blouse, kasut sandal, saya dah suka rantai2 and cincin2 lawa, saya suka kasut tinggi walaupun tak suka pakai, tapi saya suka tengok je. Haha. Walaupun sampai sekarang saya tak suka benda alah ropol2 sangat. Saya suka elegant and classy. I like it simple but eye-catching and unique. Haha. Kenapa saya cakap macam ni? sebab birthday saya nak dekat!! ;P 

Oh. tidak. Sebab tadi blogwalking and internet surfing, saya jumpa ini kasut!

lawa kan? kan?
ni kasut dari Manolo Blahnik. Ala macam casts from Sex and the City selalu cerita tu.
tapi kasut ini lawa to the max lah.
But mahal to the max jugak.
Tengok2 harga kat Barneys NY pun like 700USD++ kot.
Anyway, erm... kasut raya tak beli lagi. 
Pleaselah belanja~ pretty please with a strawberry on top! *wink2*

edited :

oh oh. tidak!!
nak buat PBL tapi terjumpa pulak lagi satu kasut!

ok. ni kasut dari Christian Louboutin. Black pump.

ok. yang ni Jimmy Choo's platform sandal.

OK. yang ni Christian Louboutin jugak, but ballet flat lah.
Tapi studded2 tu nampak mcm lawa. Cis2~

Oh tidak! hari ni hari spesel untuk kasut ke?
Tak kan? kan?
Kenapa asyik search kasut je ni!
S.T.O.P lah

Thursday, August 12, 2010

052 Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan! ;))

Dah datang balik dah bulan yang kita tunggu2 ni kan? Best gila. Boleh tambah banyak2 pahala. Boleh kurangkan banyak2 dosa. Boleh kurangkan makan. Boleh kurangkan berat badan. Eh eh. Haha. Oh ye. So, dengan kehadiran bulan Ramadhan ni, saya nak ingatkan semua dan diri saya sendiri, banyak2 lah kejar pahala. Banyak2 lah ngaji, banyak2lah buat qiam malam2. Sebab time2 macam ni je kita nak update dosa pahala punya level dengan cepat dan pantas. Macam shortcut lah. So grab it for good this time guys! Macam discount 70% masa nak raya tu. Allah dah offer jalan senang nak tingkatkan iman. Mana boleh lepas kan? kan? kan? ooops. XD Insyallah~ nak sangat jumpa next Ramadhan n the next punye next punye next Ramadhan. Tapi kita tak tahu. Jadi, gunalah Ramadhan ni sebaik2nya okeyh!~ Go Ain! *semangat gila*

p/s: tadi jalan dalam net terjumpa pulak binatang kiut ni.. Haha. saje2 je.

051 Skytrex Best Lenguh2

Haha. Ni dah kire mcm lame gile tak update... Kisah yg bakal diceritakan ni pun rasenye dah outdated gile. Kitorang pon dah x sebot2 lagi kat facebook baru sebok2 nak kua gamba kat blog. Anyway, Skytrex Adventure was totally fun lah. Walaupun mase tengah bergayut kat tali2 tu kepala otak dok fikir 'bile laaa nak abis'. Sampai ulang2 macam zikir. Tapi bila dah sampai last checkpoint tu bole pulak macam 'lah. da abes dah ke?'. Mula-mula bukan main sumpah seranah checkpoint banyak sangtalah, tali banyak sgt lah, tangga banyak sangatlah. Lepas tu bile dah habis esok lusa sebok nak main lagi. Tu tak sedar lagi badan dah lenguh2 + lebam2 sebab tak stretch awal2. Jadi konklusinya ya bapak2 dan ibuk2 sekalian, silalah stetching dulu ya sebelum buat aktiviti2 spiderman batman tarzan sume tu. Oh ye. Tengok je lah gambar2. Malas nak describe manyak2. Kalau nak info, klik kat Skytrex ni okeyh~

Ni masa nak balik. 
Masa ni tak tahu lagi cabaran yang mendatang. Ek. Dah la salah bus.  Naik2 terus buat photoshoot
kalah mat2 n mek2 saleh. Tak malu betul kann?
Bila kanak2 jumpa kamera. I know. 
see our gloves yang macam rockstar tu. See. See. ;))

Oh yess saya mahu pergi lagi walaupun akan sakit badan panjat2 tangga!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

050 erk!

downloading : 134 days left?!
what da?! :((

so I had to wait like half a year baru boleh tutup laptop?!
Nak meletop lappy kesayangan aku ni hah. setakat nak donlod tu je pun.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

049 Islam

Assalamualaikum. ;))
For all muslims out there, check this out~

p/s: this might take time to load. so please be patience!

048 First Timer


First timer apekah? first time bedah org ke? 
or First time masak asam pedas? ;)) 
First time main soccer da kna masuk competition Street Soccer...
Macho x? 
Haha~ Baru nak berjinak2 dengan bola dah kena paksa rela masuk compete.
Lepas tu dengan bangganye, kalah 3-0.. or is it 2-0?
Anyway, our team mmg terbaek ah.. sbb tak reti maen da masuk n we have fun! In the end it is the most important and it is the one which counts~! F.U.N!
And coach koko kitorang pon cooliooo~! XD
Papepon, it was the best day I had since the start of this sem. 
I had a blast! Thanks a lot to those 8 friends! Aisha, Aisyah, Effa, Far, Fiffa, Pa'im, Fazzira and Asna!~ 
We should really main futsal wearing the new team jerseys.... ;))

Anyway, Here are the photos...

-go Medic SAF! Wish our fac the best this year!!!-

-me-fiffa-cik wan a.k.a coach-

-posing sebelom game kat tepi longkang-

-eh, saye ek? so, saye kena tendang ke ni?-

-go! kejar2!~-

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