Sunday, October 17, 2010

059 JYJ First Showcase in Malaysia

Best gila! Penat gila! Sakit tekak+telinga gila. Haha. Tetiba terfikir pulak, kalau kat Malaysia dah mcm ni, mcm mane pulak la ek kat homecountry they all. But then, it was a blast and I am having the best Sunday this year!~ Okay the pics... ;))

now, for the first pic...

and the second... haha. ;))

and the Malaysian Cassies that were waiting outside the stad under the sun, panas tau tak~
But it's okay since we all get to see JYJ after this.


and the short interview. Whoa! Yoochun's english makes my heart flutter~ ;))

and the cassies inside. Envy those VIPs. They got to sit comfortably while me, dying in the rockpit, 
under those ketiaks,
 because I'm not tall enough! T_T

okay one is enough because my head is already tenggelam under those balloons, lightstick, banners,
and ketiaks~ and sorry for the shaky hands. T_T

 Okay for the details,

We arrived there at about 9.30 a.m (and the show started at 2 pm!!), parked the car at backdoor entrance (we already know that their flight arrived at about 10.50 a.m). So we waited and buy some stuff ( I got their Lux album!!!! Hip hip hooray!~) Spend some .. okay lots of money on goodies, lightsticks and lots of other things.

 The front box!

 And the free shirt...

 When you open the box, you get to see this.

Pull out the CD in front and this appear, the lyrics book!

The front page of the book.

and the serial number.

and the photobook.

and the first photo! Jae!!!!~ ;))

At about 11.00 o'clock, the album booth is open, and bare with me, they are a LOT of fans pushing just to buy their CDs (because we all takut Lux album habis lah). After that, we rush back to the backdoor entrance to watch them arrive. And yes, at about 12 o'clock the vans arrive. And hella comeyl punye fans sebab we just wave to all the 5 vans although JYJ is only in the first van. LOL.

Then we rush back to the main entrance to wait for the gate to open, so finally we are inside (after all those pushing and cursing and yelling and singing along to their rehearsals. Haha) The cassies are so comeyl! Sempat lagi nak nyanyi time tu.

Then they sang about 5 songs (kot...;>) Chajatta, Ayy Girl, Be My Girl, Empty and I don't remember another one. (Too busy looking at them lah.). The fans are singing together, yelling together and jumping together and chanting their names together and basically we all go crazy together even when they look at us. Haha. And during the short interview, the fans are all excited and shout out their names. Also you know Malaysian are proud of their -lah at the end of words right, and when the MC teach them, Jae's voice when he said "I love you-lah Malaysia" is priceless! Oh. I just discovered that Yoochun is a fast learner. He adds the lah as soon as the MC teach them. Sweet! And the last word from Yoochun ; "And thank you for keeping the fatih always" makes all the fans scream their lungs out! Not much words from Junsu. I don't know why but I feel sad. But it's okay! His face do the job. :))

After it all ended, we all get out and rush to the backdoor(again!) to catch a glimpse of them going into the van. Jae gave a wave to us before getting into the van, no pics because I guess I am to aww-struck to see them live. Haha. ;))

p/s : and they said that they will hopefully come back again 'summer' next year!!!~

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