Friday, February 26, 2010

039 inilah life saye

inilah life saye. saye suke atau x, inilah life yang saye dapat.
No re-do or undo and no going back right?
Menyesal atau x, this is where I'm gonna stand up and move on.
Btw, I feel nothing lately.
No wisdom, no sadness, no anger.
Just empty.
How can life be that?
Then, I seek out for serenity.
But I found nervousness.
It was either anxiety or nervousness la..
I don't know.
Then I search for wisdom.
But I found myself caught in the middle.
Between the routines and the dreams.
This is funny.
I guess I can have both.
But I guess I have to struggle a lot to have both.
And looking back, I don't struggle a lot these days.
ape merapu ni...
either way, medicine or writing.. I am happy with those 2.
Like Dr. J. Bing said in his book.
Medicine is his master and music is his mistress.
In my case, medicine is my master and writing is my mistress.
Haha. XD
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