Sunday, August 30, 2009

021 Cleaned!

Okay. Today is Sunday, wake up at about 9 o'clock and then sambung tido balik.. hehe~
Then bagun balik dah nak pukul 1 ptg.
Pastu bangun2 terus kemas bilik, sapu sampah semua.
Memang gile berhabuk bilik tu. Memang cepat berhabuk kot.
Dah la banyak binatang tah pape yang jadikkan meja stadi macam tempat persemadian diorang..
Huhu. *nampak sangat tak pernah stadi kat meja*
Today, I realy feel like one of the domestic engineer out there except without
a husband. Haha~
And I truly understands what they feel after cleaning and sweeping and doing the laundry.
Although with the help of my roomate, a.k.a my partner-in-crime a.k.a my study partner
plus lots of other 'a.k.a's
It was really tiring and now,
come to think of it.
I prefer studying more than doing those housechores.
By the way,
I feel really lega afterwards because
my bed is clean, my closet is organised and
my study desk is not bersepah macam sarang burung hantu lagi..
Anyway, gamba disertakan.
*Haha~ saje nak mencapub*

port far a.k.a roomate~ pls look at Jojo on the bed.
She got the talent to sit properly after dropped by Far from that bed.

my lovely bed~

My cleaned desk! luv it very much~
*promise won't sepahkan lagi*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

020 The Sun, Moon and the Star

When the Star shines,
Moon gets jealous,
When the Star shines,
Moon gets lonely,
And when the Star shines,
The Moon gets nothing...

Then comes the Sun,
The Star and the Moon likes the Sun,
The Sun shines everything,
The Sun shines the world,
The Sun shines...
The Moon.

The Moon gets brighter by the Sun,
The Moon shines in it's darkness,
The Moon shines in it's loneliness.

The Star is unhappy,
For the Moon is not compatible with the Sun.

But the Sun likes the Moon,
Although Moon can't shine,
The Sun can help,
The Sun shines,
And the Moon reflects...

1.15 p.m, Batu Pahat, Johor.

Friday, August 14, 2009

019 W.O.R.D.S

Words is a part of our speech and it is how we communicate with other people and it is how other people understands us.
Sometimes words can be a stimuli and makes ppl happy.
But in other times, words can also annoyed others.
So, be careful while you are talking and be wise in choosing the right words.
Once it is written, we can still delete or erase it but once it's become part of the speech, we can't go back and memories are not easily deleted unless there is a severe memory loss or an alzheimer
(not really.. teehee~).
But then, words stab deeper than the swords and harder than diamond and remember, sensitive people DO take it seriously.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

018 My 'new' Life

New la sgt... It's been more than a year kot kt uitm ni...
Anyway, study giler bz, dgn sukan antare fakulti n everything..
FYI, I'm participating in the chess, and we got no.4!! haha~ besh gilew.. walopon x dpt no.1..
Tpi, oklar.. ktorang kat sni ade student year 1 dgn year 2 jek..
yg len sume da gi sg.buloh or selayang~
Then, kitorang lawan pon dgn budak senior.. part 4,5 sume..
musti ah susah nk mng.. Tpi kitorang gilew respek dgn dak2 INTEC ah..
diorang dpt 2nd place kot~
Tpi, overall, medic dpt 6th place~
Gile x caye.. hehe.. tpi game x abesh agi.. so, let's just wait n see~
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